Walnut – Premium Nuts 100 Grams

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With dry fruits organic, you can eat well even when your life is hectic. Our Snacks are the perfect alternative to fast food: tasty, affordable, balanced, wholesome and High-Quality. We also offer Chocolate Nuts and GiftBoxes.

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We are a young pakistan company based in Lahore. Our products, which are based on cutting-edge food technology, are all produced in Pakistan.
(1 customer review)

Walnut – Premium Nuts 100 Grams

(1 customer review)

Looking for a healthy and delicious snack that you can take on the go?

Look no further than Best Walnut – Premium Nuts 100 Grams. These organic, dry-roasted walnuts are perfect for satisfying your hunger without weighing you down. Plus, they’re packed with essential nutrients like protein and fiber to help keep you feeling your best all day long. So why wait? Order your own bag of Best Walnut – Premium Nuts 100 Grams today!


    Walnut – Premium Nuts

    Walnuts are made up of 65% fat and about 15% of protein. They’re low in carbs — most of which consist of fiber.

    A 1-ounce (30-gram) serving of walnuts — about 14 halves — provides the following nutrients :

    • Calories: 185
    • Water: 4%
    • Protein: 4.3 grams
    • Carbs: 3.9 grams
    • Sugar: 0.7 grams
    • Fiber: 1.9 grams
    • Fat: 18.5 grams


    Walnuts contain about 65% fat by weight.

    Like other nuts, most of the calories in walnuts come from fat. This makes them an energy-dense, high-calorie food.

    However, even though walnuts are rich in fat and calories, studies indicate that they don’t increase obesity risk when replacing other foods in your diet.

    Walnuts are also richer than most other nuts in polyunsaturated fats. The most abundant one is an omega-6 fatty acid called linoleic acid.

    They also contain a relatively high percentage of the healthy omega-3 fat alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This makes up around 8–14% of the total fat content.Walnut Organic- Premium Nuts

    In fact, walnuts are the only nuts that contain significant amounts of ALA.

    ALA is considered especially beneficial for heart health. It also helps reduce inflammation and improve the composition of blood fats.

    What’s more, ALA is a precursor for the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which have been linked to numerous health benefits. Walnut – Premium Nuts

    SUMMARY Walnuts are primarily made up of protein and polyunsaturated fat. They contain a relatively high percentage of omega-3 fat, which has been linked to various health benefits.

    Vitamins and minerals

    Walnuts are an excellent source of several vitamins and minerals, including:

    • Copper. This mineral promotes heart health. It also helps maintain bone, nerve, and immune system function.
    • Folic acid. Also known as folate or vitamin B9, folic acid has many important biological functions. Folic acid deficiency during pregnancy may cause birth defects.
    • Phosphorus. About 1% of your body is made up of phosphorus, a mineral that is mainly present in bones. It has numerous functions.
    • Vitamin B6. This vitamin may strengthen your immune system and support nerve health. Vitamin B6 deficiency may cause anemia.
    • Manganese. This trace mineral is found in the highest amounts in nuts, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
    • Vitamin E. Compared to other nuts, walnuts contain high levels of a special form of vitamin E called gamma-tocopherol.

    SUMMARY Walnuts are an excellent source of several vitamins and minerals. These include copper, folic acid, phosphorus, vitamin B6, manganese, and vitamin E. dry fruits

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